Early-Career Faculty Consortium

The main goal of the Early-Career Faculty Consortium is to offer all participants insights into their academic career that can help them be valuable, marketable, and successful in their career from their own perspective, and that of their university and the academy. Consortium participants are AIS members beginning their second or third year in an academic position in the Fall of 2017. The Early-Career Faculty Consortium theme will be “Your Academic Niche: A Lifetime Fit for You in Your Career.”

We anticipate hosting about 30 participants.

The topics and exercises during the Early-Career Faculty Consortium will be designed to promote interaction among junior faculty as they share what they have learned and their questions from their early experiences as faculty members.  They will also receive feedback from the experienced faculty leaders who will share their key lessons learned from their own careers.  Experiences from respected senior and mid-level faculty members will help shape, focus, and inform discussions of critical issues, while quality interaction among junior faculty remains a prime purpose of the Early-Career Faculty Consortium.

Application & Criteria

Prospective participants will be required to apply for participation.  Criteria for participation in the Early-Career Faculty Consortium are that the junior faculty member has:

  1. completed a Ph.D.
  2. been teaching for only one or two years
  3. not attended the Early Career Faculty Consortium (aka, MIS Camp) in the past
  4. registered for the conference as a regular participant (not a student)


We have 14 senior/mid-level faculty members (including the Early-Career Faculty Consortium co-chairs). The following is the list of mentors (other than the co-chairs) who have confirmed their participation:

  • Izak Benbasat
  • Traci Carte
  • Elizabeth Davidson
  • Alan Dennis
  • Ann Fruhling
  • Dennis Galletta
  • Al Hevner
  • Fiona Nah
  • Adriane Randolph
  • Monideepa Tarafdar
  • Rick Watson